Sunday, 25 July 2010

sexy colours

mmmm people say green and pink dont go..... Your wrong. Look at my gorgeous clas ohlson cup and straw mmmmmmm

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Unis over & Mother design london

So uni is finished, 3years has flown by and I have received 2:1 which I am pretty damn pleased about!

So now what to do what to do……

Well Job hunting is a big point and keep myself inspired and maybe do some personal projects to keep me sane.


But another is to keep on finding interesting, funny and brilliant design. This week I’m just going to go through past adverts I love, that may not even be that designerly but just great!

 This week I have just discovered Mother design agency. I have seen some of their work in the past but looking on their website I just cant believe how much they have done and that I know or recognise all of their advertisements.

Talk to Frank - Pablo

^ view advert here

For starters mother has created Pablo the Dog for the Call Frank drug adverts. Which I think is just genius and is positively hilarious. Mother London created Pablo the drug mule to deliver a range of messages uncovering the truth and revealing the darker side of cocaine. Whether it’s a pair of disagreeable nostrils, an out-of-control human heart, or a customs official’s rubber glove, no-one is safe from Pablo on his quest to find out more about cocaine and to arm young people with facts while he’s at it.

Oasis for people who don’t like water! Rubberduckzilla.

^ view advert here

The story was told across several media; from the augmented reality experience at, through to the manga-style comic of his back-story distributed with Zoo magazine. The campaign has generated an overwhelming response, contributing to Oasis’ impressive growth while the rest of the category shrank. You can play the online game here;

Coca Cola - Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La

^ view advert here

Developed at Christmas to connect coke to summer, Mother London created ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La’ to encapsulate the hazy, laid-back feeling of the summer months with Coca-Cola. Brought to life in an original composition by Calvin Harris, illustrations by Ronald Kurniawan and a TVC directed by Dougal Wilson.

This advert is so different to the coca cola brand and that’s why it works so well. And how cute are the gismo look-a-like creatures! La la la

Pot Noodle the musical

^ view advert here

After several years of trying to simultaneously please both a youth audience and their mums, Mother London decided it was time to give the brand back to its consumers. Taking inspiration from YouTube pastiches, Steve and Digger were created; a pair of wannabe musicians and avid fans of Pot Noodle.

This campaign wowed the British audience and made everyone sing along to cheesy and mocking lyrics.

Pimms The call

^ view advert here

Created by Mother introducing the Pimm’s 8, a gang of eight different characters that represent all the ingredients needed for “the perfect Pimm’s serve” has proved a winner with the public.

 ‘The Call Up’ was aimed to retain “the brand's unique sense of humour and the juxtaposition of its perceived posh credentials.”

The anthem the Pimm's 8 rally to is the ‘New Avenger's theme music aiming to bring about “a sense of energy, fun and anticipation of the fun filled summer event ahead.”

Once in tight formation they storm a local BBQ releasing ‘Pimm’s O’Clock’ on the unsuspecting party.

I personally love Mint man, flying down and shrugging off his hand gliding suit… hes a bit mint.