Sunday, 16 January 2011

David Foldvari : I think I love you

I discovered David Foldvari when I was in college over four years ago now and I still adore his work just as much as I did when I first exposed myself to it.
His work is direct and has a hint of dark humour to it; he definitely has a strong opinion. He turns the quintessentially British ‘stiff upper lip’ on its head and expresses his attitude to life and design wonderfully through his work.

Lil bit ‘o’ background for you:
He was born in Budapest, and has been living in the UK since 1986. Since graduating from the Royal College in London in 2001, his work has gained international recognition. His Eastern European roots influence 
He, his work often suggests alienation, identity and belonging
 "Dealing with negative issues in my work helps to keep me balanced in real life"
Recently his work has become more monochromatic, stark and melancholy whilst still managing to retain its humanity and humour.
David Foldvari has exhibited widely in London, New York, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Hungary. Some of his recent commercial clients include Nike, Penguin Books, Random House, Mercury, Levis, Greenpeace and Arena. In 2007 he earned a D&AD award for involvement on Nike Run London and for his input on Beck’s The Information.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

taaa darrr

 If you wanna see any of my work, have a gander at my flickr or my website 

mmm Tat

I really want a tattoo, I wish I had the balls to 
get this but I don't think I could pull it off. Shame.

I was going to be an A0 poster with gold foil block & embossing but times are hard

I don't remember where I found this but I just love it. 
Its what we all are thinking. And yet it still looks gorgeous.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Superhero Smoothie

Superhero Smoothie

Soo you have probably seen the advert by now but I thought I would share it anyway. The new Innocent Smoothie advert. Where a cute little bottle flies around saving people from hunger and bad food. The idea is witty and really works for the time of year, because of all the binging at Christmas people will probably take this into account and watch, as well as it being hilarious and immediately appealing with the choice of soundtrack and direction of the advert. Using a famous Queen song written by Brian May, Innocent have done a switcheroo with the words and instead of “FLASHH AHH AHHHH Saviour of the Universe” they have cleverly said “FRUIT AHH AHHHH Saviour of the Universe”
With the bottles being whooshed around by straws and with little capes on ( I soo want a cape now) I think this advert is brilliant and appeals to all ages, and each time its on, I have to stop what Im doing and watch it. Not only do I love the song but I love the smoothies so its ticks all round from me.

Copy from their website:
“We've made a new advert for the telly, featuring a superhero smoothie bottle, who flies around saving people from those perilously peckish moments between meals (especially relevant in January, with all of its resolutions).