Thursday, 26 November 2009

Craig Oldham Lecture

Tuesday 24th November 2009-11-22

Visiting Lecture Craig Oldham


this presentation contains foul language, its blunt, honest, opinionated, spoken in Yorkshire, wandering & erm….


Todays lecture was one of the most interesting lectures of my whole three years of uni. He was funny, interesting and didn’t just talk abut himself and the companies hes worked for he explained how he has got there and how to tackle life outside of the uni bubble. He spoke about there being TWO different types of designers

Bunch A= logical designers

Bunch B= emotional designers

And ive figured out I am in bunch B, putting my own feelings into my work and connecting with the work.

He showed a video of David Carson along side this to state why he was a bunch B. and I think every designer I will look at from now on I will be mentally labelling with A & B.


He also said to be honest, know your strengths, if you cant do something say…

I fucking cant do grids

I cant do web design either


He explained to us when he left uni the first 12 month he learned things that he couldn’t of at uni, because you have to live them.

 And these are:

The twelve things to learn after you leave university:::

Understand what graphic design means to you

Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses

A portfolio is for life, not just for an interview

Placements matter. Do them.

The design industry is small, everyone knows everybuggerer else

Participate with other people and share your ideas

Graphic design is just a job, but being a designer is different

Fall off your bike. If you don’t fall then you are not trying

Life and work exist outside of London

Designing is only, about 20% of your job

Have a life outside of design 

Work hard and be nice to people.

As well as talking to us about life and his work he connected to everyone in a different way, he made me relaxed with the way I develop my work and design process, he gave us a 5 stage plan of what he does when he gets a brief.

Stage 1 Research

Stage 2 Mull the research over

Stage 3 go and do something else, use your subconscious

Stage 4 wheyyy, Idea!

Stage 5 design away


And this is my process I go through with each and every project I get. He made me feel more confident with my work ethic. Which is such a relief …..


Oh before I forget he showed us this invitation he made for his friends wedding combining the names Dave and Claire to form both names in one but looking extremely elegant

I cant find a image of it but it was well designed and a brilliant idea…..

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Love for Martin O'Neill

Martin O’Neill is a UK based graphic artist and illustrator who create unique hand made collages for a wide range of international clients encompassing advertising, design, editorial and book publishing, as well as regular contributions to the UK and US press.

He also regularly exhibits his personal collages, prints and collections and is a lecturer at the university of the ART London.


His process

Martin’s work evolves from a fusion of collage, silkscreen, photography, pain, and photo copies. 15 years of experimental image making has resulted in his unique and instantly recognisable brand of illustrations


I love this style of design it is beautiful and inspiring, it has definitely inspired me to explore collage more, I think he has pushed me into the right path and I have found my strength. His designs are amazing and so diverse to other collage designers.  He is my Favourite graphic artist without a shadow of a doubt.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Christmas Light Switch On

Yesterday the 12th November It was the Christmas light switch on in Manchester. I have never been to this event before, which is shocking because iv lived here my whole life...
anyway it was a great event, and the rain even stopped (for once) they had celebrities perform, the likes of Alexandra Burke and Mr Hudson (guy who sang with Kanye West) and the delightful little Hollie Steel from Britains Got Talent sang. As well as these, the manchester choir sang a dance song, which was quite brilliant but odd and the Mayor of Manchester made an appearance. I didn't know that it was made such an event of, but the atmosphere was amazing, all sorts of people went, and it was entertaining for everyone. At the end there was a spectacular fireworks display above the town-hall (even better than bonfire night at Platt fields park) and obviously all the lights were switched on, which was beautiful as ever. 

Monday, 9 November 2009

Stiff Upper Lip Collage

This is yet another collage of mine, for Silence. This is influenced by the Quintessentially British and how we don't show our feelings, or we don't show them on our sleeves. We bottle up our feelings and emotions and convey them with sarcasm or witty remarks. The quote iv included depicts this feeling brilliantly in my eyes. Tried to make it look dated and worn, don't no whether the tear drop out of the tea pot with an image of a nose and mouth works, but at the time it felt right....

Trapped in thought

This is another of my collages, its an interpretation of being trapped. I have made it so the image of me is trapped inside the picture frame or mirror, however you want to construe it. I feel that this encompasses silence, and conveys emotional turmoil. Maybe the image represents subconscious/inner emotions.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

Last night it was Bonfire Night, I love this day of all days, no presents, no panicking just wholesome family fun to be had. 
I went to Platt fields Park for the celebrations and it was one of the best fireworks displays ive seen in years. I went to Heaton Park 2 years ago and compare to Platt fields that was a school boy compared to Platt Fields, I swear I jumped outta my skin at least twice just because of the sheer noise!
Unfortunately I didnt get any images of the fireworks (I was too excited at the time) but I did take photos of the fair. It was so colourfull, with tragic 'Wigan pier' music blasting out. I had a great time. It was freezing but brilliant.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

More Silence design work

Just playing around with layout and incorporating type and colour into my design. Very different to my original....flows better I think....

Silence Collage new design......

Monday, 2 November 2009

This is a collage i have made from my own images, internet image of old lady and mixed media consisting of tissue paper, tracing paper and painted coffee paper. This image is conveying implications that your shadow is your alter ego it has a personality of its own but unlike you, it cannot show its feeling as we do. I am trying to capture a thought, maybe a past life of the old lady. I want to tell a narrative with my work and give people food for thought.
Silence Brief
project for third year. Our own interpretation of silence. Here are some of my experiments and opinions on what silence can be portrayed as in photography and collage.


From Sat 12 September to Sun 25 October 2009

"New Contemporaries, formerly Young Contemporaries has a long and illustrious history, dating back to the first exhibition of young graduates in 1949. For the past 60 years this annual show has been dedicated to profiling the work of young, new and emerging artists at the start of their professional careers. Through its annual presence, New Contemporaries has identified serious artists from each generation and given them the opportunity to show for the first time. The premise remains the same today.

The selectors for the 2009 edition of the annual show, featuring 47 artists, are Ellen Gallagher, Saskia Olde Wolbers, John Stezaker and Wolfgang Tillmans."

Johnny Hardstaff Lecture


Johnny Hardstaff came to do a lecture today, but I had also seen him the night before introducing ‘Rollerball’ for are Kino4 cinema night.

He was very charismatic and wasn’t as daunting as meeting some other designers he was loud and entertaining as well as a brilliant graphic designer.

He introduced the film and had a little explanation for it.

Then today he came in and the lecture room was Full! Everyone was interested in him and he definitely was very interesting and full of inspiration. He didn’t seem fased by anything and was very open about everything he did, he didn’t have a meaning for everything and said he did it because he liked it.

He is a commercial graphic designer, but he sounded ashamed to say it, he needn’t be when you see his work. It not like the everyday advert about hairspray he takes you on a journey, sucks you into the motion graphics and your enthralled from beginning to end. He said he “Loves and hates Huge Corporations” and you can see this in some of his work, especially ‘the future of gaming’ for Sony Playstation.


He showed us most of his work and I have recognised some, like the Orange advert for more free texts. With paint pouring out of vessels and overflowing to represent : to have more. Simple idea and simple solution. 

He has also made a video for Radiohead- Like spinning plates. I had not seen this and it was so strange and mesmerizing with hidden messages and crying babies. I couldn’t even imagine how he thought of this video.


His main message he put across in this fascinating lecture is that graphic design is a weapon and all we are, are manipulators.


D&AD’s Day Of Fun!

Today the 23rd October 2009 a few students went on a day trip to Liverpool! The day consisted of visiting the TATE Liverpool and the Walker Art Gallery. Unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn’t go to the Slavery Museum or have  a ride on the ferry, but I think we will visit again soon, as it was a brilliant day out.

The tate resided with three exhibitions: DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture, Joyous Machines: Michael Landy and Jean Tinguely, Mark Rothko: The Seagram Murals.

 I did enjoy the tate and there was lots of sculpture and art I did think was incredible, the exhibition I enjoyed the most was DLA Piper Series. Some of the scluputures were just so random yet brilliant, for example: Allen Jones R.A, Chair 1969. This piece was situated on a 60’s furry rug with a woman formed as a chair on top. Allen Jones is renowned for his erotic sculptures, other work he has produced similar are the Table and Sat stand (1969). These works hint at rubber fetishism and did put a smile on my face when I saw it. It felt naughty to look at and was not what I was expecting to see in a gallery. But it stuck in my mind and I will remember this more than others.

Also in this exhibition there was a sculpture of Jim Lambie: Ska’s Not Dead 2001. This memorised me literally, I loved it, it was by far my favourite piece. A record player covered in glitter with a glitter record spinning round and round. It was hypnotising, I don’t know what it represented (to be honest, most sculptures are a little bit out there) but it was inspired.

As well as these two pieces there were lots more to lose your train of thought to, Salvador Dali popped up a lot in this exhibition and I never knew he also did sculptures, his Lobster Telephone 1936 was genius. One man who I had not seen before was Francis Alys, he had two works on display, his first was images on a protector of different images of milk bottles at doorsteps, which to me Screamed Silence and would work brilliantly with our Silence Project. The next of his work was called ‘a personal repertoire of possible behaviour while walking the streets of London town.’ This was a series of photography and written word, explaining feelings and emotions that were possibly felt during a certain circumstance. Beautiful imagery and layout was elegant and subtle compared to the explosions of other works surrounding it. There was a wide range of different styles and thoughts of sculpture throughout this exhibition, some worked and some I didn’t really think was sculpture, example a mirror box with holes in (other people who I saw look at this, were generally looking at them selves or wondering what its purpose was. Or slate flooring, we spoke to a man who worked their and it was his favourite piece, but I just don’t get it.

I briefly went into the Mark Rothko exhibition, it was amazing to see in person, and the paintings were enormous. I’ve heard his work can reduce people to tears because of the emotion that comes out of them, but I don’t think his work is that spectacular.


The Walker Art Gallery

Bridget Riley Flashback

25 September 2009 to 13 December 2009

Bridget Riley is one of Britain’s most celebrated contemporary artists. Her stunning black and white paintings of shapes and lines are entrancing; they suck you in and make your mind frazzle. The exhibition showed her work from the 1960’s to the present. There were eight large-scale paintings and thirty drawings showing how she made her magnificent paintings. They look simple from far away but when you see them with your own eyes they really do stand out and make a loud vibrant statement.