Monday, 2 November 2009

Johnny Hardstaff Lecture


Johnny Hardstaff came to do a lecture today, but I had also seen him the night before introducing ‘Rollerball’ for are Kino4 cinema night.

He was very charismatic and wasn’t as daunting as meeting some other designers he was loud and entertaining as well as a brilliant graphic designer.

He introduced the film and had a little explanation for it.

Then today he came in and the lecture room was Full! Everyone was interested in him and he definitely was very interesting and full of inspiration. He didn’t seem fased by anything and was very open about everything he did, he didn’t have a meaning for everything and said he did it because he liked it.

He is a commercial graphic designer, but he sounded ashamed to say it, he needn’t be when you see his work. It not like the everyday advert about hairspray he takes you on a journey, sucks you into the motion graphics and your enthralled from beginning to end. He said he “Loves and hates Huge Corporations” and you can see this in some of his work, especially ‘the future of gaming’ for Sony Playstation.


He showed us most of his work and I have recognised some, like the Orange advert for more free texts. With paint pouring out of vessels and overflowing to represent : to have more. Simple idea and simple solution. 

He has also made a video for Radiohead- Like spinning plates. I had not seen this and it was so strange and mesmerizing with hidden messages and crying babies. I couldn’t even imagine how he thought of this video.


His main message he put across in this fascinating lecture is that graphic design is a weapon and all we are, are manipulators.


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