Friday, 25 March 2011

Placement fail

A couple of weeks back I applied for a internship, I got through to the second round, it was for a new mag in Manchester and the second part was to design something for the magazine for when its published. Unfortunately I didn’t hear back but Im proud of the work I produced.
So here it is

I decided to do a magazine feature on the Northern Quarter, using InDesign I created a 2 double page spread design.

I thought of doing this because it’s probably one of the most popular places in Manchester right now and it won Great Neighbourhood of the year 2011 in December last year. I used some copy from my own guidebook, and I found an article on the MEN’s website about it also so I just used that to be the copy for now.
So first off, I created a logo to use throughout the design, which consists of the initials of the northern quarter, a crown and a human heart. This is because it was ‘crowned’ the best neighbourhood and it is the ‘cultural heart of the city’.
The images are all my own and I have edited them in Photoshop.

I decided to do a magazine layout as it is probably the most useful way to show what I can do, which serves the best purpose for the magazine.

I have attached 3 different designs – 2 spreads each, and the NQ logo. 

Manchester Tunnel Tours

Manchester Tunnel Tours
Last Saturday I ventured on one of Manchester’s Underground tunnel tours for my sisters birthday. It was suppose to be a Haunted tour but it was more tall tales rather than spine tingling and petrifying. But even so it was a great couple of hours, bumping around in the dark passageways, learning about countless tunnels, caverns and canals that run under Manchester and the World war II bunkers and basements of the 1800’s.
Our tour guide, really tried to bring the shock factor with quirky recorded noises and eerie music and forbidding us to use our own torches. Which in a group of about 25-30, made me more anxious than anything, if you’re at the back then your in pitch black, groping and clutching around.
It was about 2 hours long (little longer than I expected) but it was enlightening and interesting and at the end of the tour we travelled up 7 floors to the top of the Barton Arcade, and there it was - the most beautiful view of Manchester. It was such a lovely day to be up there (not raining – score!), looking over the roof tops at the city. Great finish to the tour.
£12.50 per ticket You can book on Manchester Confidential

I have moved to Tumblr!!

I have now got two Blogs, I have moved over to Tumblr aswell, I will probably still use this one too. But I heard that tumblr is the cool 'In' thing right now ;)

Nah I joke I joke, I just wanna spread myself alll over the world wide web and maybe someone out there might wanna give me a lavvely job. 
(pssttt: I make The Best brews, honest)

Monday, 14 March 2011

eye spy


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Shake Your Money Maker

Just having a play around in Photoshop, 
trying to inspire myself.

Friday, 4 March 2011

While I was out for dinner last week with a good friend, they got their phone stolen from right under our noses, I was fuming to say the least. If I ever see that w**ker again I will attack him with my own phone and leave it somewhere .. well use your imagination.
Oh and this is just a doodle to lighten the mood