Friday, 25 March 2011

Placement fail

A couple of weeks back I applied for a internship, I got through to the second round, it was for a new mag in Manchester and the second part was to design something for the magazine for when its published. Unfortunately I didn’t hear back but Im proud of the work I produced.
So here it is

I decided to do a magazine feature on the Northern Quarter, using InDesign I created a 2 double page spread design.

I thought of doing this because it’s probably one of the most popular places in Manchester right now and it won Great Neighbourhood of the year 2011 in December last year. I used some copy from my own guidebook, and I found an article on the MEN’s website about it also so I just used that to be the copy for now.
So first off, I created a logo to use throughout the design, which consists of the initials of the northern quarter, a crown and a human heart. This is because it was ‘crowned’ the best neighbourhood and it is the ‘cultural heart of the city’.
The images are all my own and I have edited them in Photoshop.

I decided to do a magazine layout as it is probably the most useful way to show what I can do, which serves the best purpose for the magazine.

I have attached 3 different designs – 2 spreads each, and the NQ logo. 

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