Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Love for Martin O'Neill

Martin O’Neill is a UK based graphic artist and illustrator who create unique hand made collages for a wide range of international clients encompassing advertising, design, editorial and book publishing, as well as regular contributions to the UK and US press.

He also regularly exhibits his personal collages, prints and collections and is a lecturer at the university of the ART London.


His process

Martin’s work evolves from a fusion of collage, silkscreen, photography, pain, and photo copies. 15 years of experimental image making has resulted in his unique and instantly recognisable brand of illustrations


I love this style of design it is beautiful and inspiring, it has definitely inspired me to explore collage more, I think he has pushed me into the right path and I have found my strength. His designs are amazing and so diverse to other collage designers.  He is my Favourite graphic artist without a shadow of a doubt.

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