Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Morgan Spice Website

This month from 2nd August through to the 22nd Morgan Spiced Rum brought out their very first advertising campaign on the TV.

It was designed and made by Grey London, who has also created wonderful adverts such as the Boss Orange ad with Sienna Miller and Country Life Butter.

The ad was called the ‘Modern Adventure’ and features a group of men undertaking a succession of eccentric adventures on their way to their local bar, it is to encourage people to take risks and adventures in the everyday.

At the of the ad it promotes their new can of Rum and cola that you can get a free sample of if you enter their website. And I love a freebie so I had a peek and I love their website, it is what you would expect from Morgan Spice it is dark but inviting and has a quirkiness to it, it has some great flash design and is very very entertaining, telling you interesting ‘ice breakers’ for meeting new people. ‘Golden attire’ :what to wear on your adventures. And the best of all, you can type your postcode in and it will find all your local bars and pubs.

I love Morgan Spiced Rum and I always have, maybe I’m a bit biased but I don’t think so. Have a look yourself…. As Tony the Tiger would say “Its greeeaaattt”



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