Saturday, 19 December 2009

Holden Gallery Exhibition

Tuesday 15th December

Holden Gallery: Student Showcase.

Last week my friend Sandra became a curator at the Holden Gallery at MMU. And her job is to present an exhibition each month showing students work that they submit to be chosen. It is held in a gorgeous little area in the Gallery, with amazingly tall walls and has a very Victorian-esq style to the room.

I submitted my work for my Don’t Panic Project; this was a collage representing Resistance to Religion.  I was proud to see my work up on the wall, as I was unsure of how my design would work, presented.

The Dean showed up at the exhibition as well as our tutors and students from all of the art courses. The opening exhibition was a success and I was very pleased to show my work in the first ever showing.

The images I have showed are of my work, and other students work up at the showcase:

Anna’s book for ‘Silence’. Exploring the silencing of women in surrealism.

My work for Don’t Panic ‘Resistance’ competition.

Betsy’s Silence book, and developing work.

Jon’s book cover screen prints, and Arran’s Don’t Panic ‘Resistance’ poster.

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