Monday, 14 December 2009

Si Scott

Si Scott


Si Scott is a graphic designer and illustrator who is the driving force behind the UK-based Si Scott Studio. His obsessively hand-drawn pen and ink illustrated typography, graphic design and illustrations pull from both modern and traditional influences. Some of his clients include BBC TV, Burton, GQ, Hugo Boss, MTV, Unicef and Volvo.


Last year Si Scott came to our university to give a lecture about how he and his work has progressed thought-out the years. I had heard about Si Scott in college and I love his style of work and design. The patience and drive he has to create beautiful drawings and type is incredible. He really inspires me to incorporate illustration into design, its so different to most graphic designers and you can see the passion he puts into every design.

He explained his progress and he states he works 90% hand drawn and 10% on the computer but you wouldn’t think it, his work is so precise you would think its made on illustrator, he intimidates me but at the same time is inspires me to branch out.


Its what you bring to the table


He works all over the world, mainly in the big apple and someday will move there. His inspiration for ideas can literally come from anywhere even brothel signs….


He does many designs to do with animals and they are so visually stunning, they don’t even need to advertise anything, people have even asked him to design tattoos for them.

Talk your way through ideas and you’ll go far

His work has meaning behind it as well as beauty, one design he did for Tank Theory was of a animals skull but it was made out of pregnant women, this was to do with voodoo and human sacrifices. It is visually astounding and is my favourite of his pieces.

He has designs a coffee table book that is now shown in MOMA in New York, which to me astounds me and really shows he is worth his salt.

I don’t like seahorses, there perverts of the sea

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