Friday, 8 January 2010

Silence - Diary Of Noise


Diary of Noise, this idea enveloped from an idea I had to note down a bus journey I took. I have expanded this idea to design a Diary Of Noise, using my own imagery, photography and collage to create a concertina book. Also I have included the written word into my design, to give the design more strength to convey silence and express the essence of a diary. I have used quotes and song lyrics to describe some of the images I have created.

I felt that I didn’t want to show silence with just one image, as everyone has a different silence and different emotions, this book shows an array of stylings of silence, which I think communicate on a more personal level.

I have tried to capture the essence of a diary but with snap shots of emotions, feelings, thoughts and opinions.

Some convey certain mannerisms and others, the quintessentially British; I have also tried to show inner emotions, sadness, feeling trapped and loneliness as well as trying to connect to the subconscious.

This design is full of information and is quite overwhelming to look at as spread but making it like a concertina book instantly makes the work feel delicate and precious to me.

Its not just one silence I am describing, everyone has their own silence. And everyone has a diary of noise.

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