Sunday, 31 January 2010



Iv not blogged in a while....

. and I'm drawing a blank. Been a bit preoccupied recently with our assessment hand in last week and dissertation hand in this week I have not had to urge or mind set to post anything of value. But I am going to the Urbis has left the building exhibition at Urbis.It is closing its doors on the 27th February finally after 6 years, and is sadly turning into a Football Museum. I have visited Urbis numerous times over the years, it has had some wonderful exhibitions on art and culture from around the globe. One of my personal favourites is from last year - Black Panther Party & Emory Douglas, he became an active member of the Black Panther Party in 1967 and quickly became responsible for the design of the Black Panther's, Black Community News Service, the official paper of the party, he used his strong graphic style to communicate recent news and events to the largely illiterate local black community. using images of rats and pigs to represent the opposition aka the Police and politicians. He also created the slogans 'All power to the people' & 'Revolution in our lifetime' which as still used today.This exhibition was so moving to see, as they wernt scared of showing the truth, presenting huge images of men and children being hung and showing their side of the fight. So eye opening and unashamed of the past.

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