Wednesday, 3 February 2010

self promotion ideas and researching logos

self promotion

Im thinking for my final project at university I would base it on self promotion of...well... myself …..

So I thought of how to do this and researched what I can do to really put myself out there. I want to produce more than just a business card, so iv been brain storming 

and Iv come up with: individual business cards, website, packaging, calendars, flash advert, postcards, badges, posters and collages of my work. Maybe even tacky ideas like paper chains and gift ideas.

But besides these I need a logo that fits to my personality and conveys my style of design subtly and interestingly. So I have been looking through my logo designs books: LOGO by Michael Evamy and Logo Design volume 2 by Ed. Julius Wiedemann, so I can see what different styles work best. There are many different styles of logo design, which I was unfamiliar with as I was taught 

to keep them very simple and not too illustrated but these books have enlightened me to a wide variety of brilliant designs.

These books have informed me about a vast amount of things I can include in a logo, such as:Just type, handwritten, joined up, intertwined characters, incomplete characters, cropped, reversals and rotations, symmetry, stacked, 3D, illustrative, decorated, in squares, triangles, circles etc…, using crosses and arrows, speech marks, lights, flames, globes etc…

I have included some images from these books

 that I think work exceptionally but are so diverse to the common logo. Some are very commercial and business like while others play with the words and entertain the viewer.

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