Wednesday, 3 February 2010


A few days ago I went to the Urbis to see its last ever exhibition, this exhibition was showing the best of there past exhibitions in pop culture.

Some of these are  Ill Communication II,   The Peter Saville Show, 2004, Punk: Sex, Seditionaries and the Sex Pistols 2005, The China Show 2006 Hacienda 25 The Exhibition: Fac 491 2007, How Manga Took Over the World, Black Panther: Emory Douglas and the Art of Revolution 2008, State of the Art: New York, Videogame Nation 2009.


As iv said in one of the earlier blogs my favourite of all these exhibitions is the Black Panther and Emory Douglas as it was more than just great designing it was showing history and politics, like the Hacienda exhibition, it was showing marvelous design work for posters, cd covers etc as well as telling the story of the hacienda for people who couldn’t see it all those years ago.

Seeing all these past exhibitions makes me a little sad that it is turning into a football museum. The building is made to appreciate art and culture not football in my opinion, though I am glad I have gone before it shuts its doors on the 27th February as though it is a great loss, I am proud to say iv been.

As well as the best of the past six years they were also showing two other exhibitons : home grown – hip hop and Manchester, Television & The City: Ghosts of Winter Hill.

I would of never normally gone to a ‘hip hop’ exhibit as its not my scene but while I was all nostalgic and sad for the ending of Urbis I thought I should go for it and it was really interesting, reading about how hip hop began and how England was a big part in the development of this music scene.

As well as this, the television and the city exhibit was more of a fun experience as they had made the 3rd floor into sections all decorated with living rooms from the 60s to the present. With ancient TV’s, bold wallpapers and warn couches,  taking us through the years of television and Granada productions.

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