Saturday, 27 February 2010

my new collage

Ok so right now I am working on designing some illustrations and collages for a brief I wrote myself for the website rainy city stories. Which is a Manchester based website dedicated to writers across the city who write short stories and poems about this great place. I have chosen about five to illustrate and this is my first design for one of the stories called Narcissus. The Double Daffodil By Anne Beswick. The story is set in the 60’s I think and is a moving story about a child growing a daffodil and it blooming into a beautiful double daffodil, but it has more layers than this and I want to show the nostalgic side to the story of second class living and how it’s the things in life which are free that are wonderful. So this is a collage I made to represent the story, I think this fits to the narrative and is not too obvious of a design.

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