Saturday, 27 February 2010

Goodnight Urbis

On the 25th February It was the closing party of Urbis, and luckily a few weeks before I was invited because of one of my previous blog posts about the final exhibition.

The invitation is a gorgeous piece of design. Using a slightly embossed grey card with a turquoise blue type in the centre. The back of the invitation was a bold contrasting black with yellow type, using Rockwell for titles and Century Gothic for the general information. Obviously a lot of thought was put into this design and it shows, I think the invitation does justice to the event as the Urbis is sadly changing into a football museum and closed this Thursday for the last time.

The event itself was high class and welcoming. The night was sponsored by Lambrini and Havana Club, due to this I received two drinks vouchers for either a Moscow Mule or a cherry sparkling Lambrini. It was situated on the bottom floor of the urbis, entering into where the café was and leading into the main entrance and foyer of Urbis. The café was the bar and foyer had two dj booths, which I think instigated as the dance floor. On the ceiling where the dance floor was, there was a projection of images of all the exhibitions being shown. The night was a success and lots of people turned out for the event. Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was a star-studded event with numerous designers and musicians there to witness the end of a brilliant 6 years of Urbis.

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