Friday, 26 February 2010

Holden Gallery: D&AD Exhibition

At the beginning of February the Holden Gallery put on their third show of Manchester Metropolitan’s students work. This exhibition was for my class ‘D&AD’ third year. I was really impressed with the volume and quality of work up at the exhibition, as well as admiring that my ‘Silence’ work that was being shown there were also pieces made by some of my dear friends: Heather McDonald and Arran Murphy.

My silence work was a delicate little concertina book, which consisted of 19 pages of my interpretation of silence. I was proud to showcase this as I was passionate about this project and was delighted with my outcome. It sat happily next to Heathers gorgeous silence work, which also was a book, in a charming glass case. It looked so professional and enthralled my desire to design even more, so I can hopefully get the chance again to exhibit more work.

Sandra the curator of the Holden Gallery and dear friend did a brilliant job as always and her poster designs for these showcases get better and better. She has a real knack for these events and is a brilliant art director. 

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