Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Alan Fletcher Exhibition at The Cube

On the 11th February I went to the Cube Gallery, to see the Alan Fletcher Exhibition.

Graphic Designer (1931-2006)

“Synthesizing the graphic traditions of Europe and North America to develop a spirited, witty and very personal visual style, ALAN FLETCHER is among the most influential figures in British graphic design as a founder of Fletcher/Forbes/Gill in the 1960s and Pentagram in the 1970s.”


Now I don’t know a lot on Alan Fletcher but I do know that he is a amazing man and had immense talent. He can put his hand to anything and achieve greatness. He intimidates and inspires me at the same time simultaneously. Seeing all his work in this exhibition was overwhelming and there was so much variety to his style, he creates type, print, packaging, logo design, image making, letterheads, posters, books and many more. His work was influencing and playful, he kept a happy medium with his work, light hearted and visually superb.

From seeing his work, you can see that he enjoyed every minute of it, I think that’s why he is so renowned for his brilliance, all his work was different but still conveyed him, from his fun, off the wall posters to letter heads for businesses. This exhibition really does make me panic and makes me want to up my game, and tells me I shouldn’t just stick to one medium, I should engaged in all aspects in design, push myself to the limit, because seeing his work proves it can be done, if you are dedicated.

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