Monday, 20 September 2010

I love Snes

I don't know what made me think of the classic Super Nintendo maybe it is the new advert celebrating their 25th Anniversary ?

Anywho I just thought I should reminisce about the good old days, and the fact it wasn't as traumatic as the video games of the present. You could use Mario Paint and basically draw with your snes but not as well as with actual paper. Or you could make sweet Music with the compose game, using: dogs, love hearts, mushrooms, houses and Mario heads to compile a indescribable 2 minute sound that resembles a song.
These games don’t sound that interesting to you probably but I loved them! They didn’t make you cry and you always win, I can’t handle high stress. I panic even when I’m watching someone else play. Games like Tomb Raider are not for the faint hearted; I’m even apprehensive when the butler is following you around her house. Anyway go watch the advert it made me recall some right good times, back in the day when I used to carry a plastic turtle around and wear snowsuits.

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