Sunday, 12 December 2010

Belvedere Vodka

My sister got a promotion last week (well done Sal) and to celebrate this, she got a present in the form of Belvedere Vodka. If you haven’t tasted this vodka before then your missing out and I’m not even a vodka lady. 

But anyway, I just want to share the lovely form of the bottle itself, its just gorgeous. With its long neck similar to a vino bottle but elongated and more elegant. With frosted glass and its white creeping tree pattern this spirit has it all, no wonder this Polish sensation costs around thirty English pounds. 

The thought and attention to detail of this design is splendid, even the clear glass on the front of the bottle so that you can look through to the  vodka to the illustration on the inside of the bottle is clever and rousing the consideration to round off the design is beautiful.

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