Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Creative Boom

Check me out, I am now in the Creative Boom Directory for the North West.
I just love their website, its so informative about the creative industry - ranging from graphic design to film production to jewelry design.

"About Us

Welcome to Creative Boom, an online magazine and network community that aims to celebrate, inspire and support the creative industries throughout the UK and the rest of the world.
Launched on the 24th July 2009, the site is run on a completely voluntary basis, covering everything from music, design, photography and fashion to film, PR, marketing, media and animation.
The magazine includes 12 main regions - also known as 'Hubs' - as well as a national UK home page, to bring you creative industry news, features and events no matter where you're based.
Our entire ethos for Creative Boom is to offer free support and help freelancers and businesses both large and small to be inspired, raise their profiles, attract new business and effectively cause a creative industry boom across the UK.
So if you're keen to collaborate, network, get noticed, attract business, learn new things, be inspired or find out what's happening in your creative field, Creative Boom is an organic e-zine that has been designed especially for you and will continue to adapt and improve to suit your needs. Thanks for stopping by!"

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