Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cow Project - t-shirt designs


These are my designs for a brief from yonkers ago, for Cow Vintage. It was to create four t-shirt designs for their new shop in Manchester. And I have finally got around to screen-printing my designs, now I am not the best at screen-printing but they have come out preeeetty well.

The idea behind the designs is to combine, British behaviour and saying with vintage items. Very simple idea and very simple designs. 1. Vintage mirror frame and the word Glamour ( to hint at the page 3 lifestyle of today) 2. Vintage chandelier with the words Nice one Bruv (slang and G-talk) 3. Gramophone and the song lyrics “Play that funky…..white boy” and 4. Grand old chair with the most use term “Have a brew” “tea&2”.

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