Tuesday, 25 May 2010

french stitching my guide book

24th May 2010


Today I learned to French stitch!

So I am in the final leg of finishing my guide book! Thank god, and after a lot of deliberation I decided that French stitching it would be the way to go as it will look very professional and like a proper magazine.

I had to figure out how to layout out the pages to make it open up like a perfect bound and then I chose my stock and double sided printed on the A4 colour printing in the mac suite, I had a bit of drama with printing but after two hours it was ok.

Then I went to the book binding workshop room to speak to Hilary about how to do it and she set me off on the ins and outs. I was a bit overwhelmed at first but once you get started its fine. After I had stitched it, I pressed it and glued over the spine so it stays strong and doesn’t wobble about.

All I need to do now is put the cover on and guillotine it, but I am not inducted on the scary machine so I have to wait till Friday when Hilary is in and then glue my cover on.

The cover is double sided printing on to Cartridge paper 200gm, so it is thicker than the pages but still has a nice textured feel.

So when I have done all that I will take photographs of it in real life situations and with a plain background. And make it presentable for my portfolio and degreeshow  

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