Thursday, 6 May 2010

Scratch n sniff

Hi all, I no Ive not been blogging for a while but Im not a great mutlitasker when having to write my uni journal and my Manchester guide book….too many words.


But today I feel I must blog as I was walking down oxford road and was handed a free bottle of water, but it wasn’t just any kind of water……. It was Calvin Klein Water….. yeah I no I was impressed too. But no they are not opening up a new market it’s a promotional item for their new male fragrance: Eternity Aqua. It’s a small bottle and is designed like a typical bottle of water but with a great extra. It has a ‘Scratch & Sniff’ patch on it, which smells of the fragrance.  And it is a pretty nice smell too! I felt I must share this, as is a great use of marketing. I wouldn’t of thought Calvin Klein would do such an ambient advertisement. 

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