Tuesday, 9 November 2010

175 years of Kendals

Today I came across a gorgeous Kendals plastic bag. If you don’t know what Kendals is, it’s a department store in Manchester, probably the oldest one. This year it marks their 175th Birthday.

1796 was the year John Watts a Didsbury Farmer opened the family business on the corner of Deansgate in the centre of Manchester. And in aid of this celebration, there have been giveaways, live music, competitions and complimentary gifts as well as Russell hobbs collaborating with Coronation Street to celebrate 50 years of the famous street.
This is not what I wanted to blog about though; I want to share their gorgeous plastic bag they have produced for this occasion.

It’s a collage design of iconic buildings of Manchester, not to mention Coronation Street, the Hacienda classic yellow and black stripes, LS Lowry’s illustrious people and Manchester United and City scarves.
With Kendals the prominent figure of the design to show how far Manchester has come since Kendals was built.
The design is simple in colour and in design but it is so striking and edifying. The type itself is laid out like old Victorian typographical posters, which is fitting for the age of Kendals itself. 

I cannot find out who designed this bag, which I’m gutted about because I do love this design, it reminds me of my collage design style which I adopted for my Manchester guide project.The design mixes vintage with modern but makes it work and flow.

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