Sunday, 28 November 2010

Pink Pigeon

Just look at this gorgeous bottle design!

I’m a fan of Rum, any rum for that matter, but this really floats my boat.
The Pink Pigeon Rum is new on the market and has an attractive design to boot.
Bit of copy from their website:

‘Some of the world’s finest sugar cane is grown on the
 Medine Estate in Mauritius. 
It is from this natural source that we make our rare,
 golden rum.
Uniquely, we add hand-picked vanilla from orchids
 that grow in the rainforest canopy of nearby Madagascar. 
Combined with the exotic, tropical flavours of spice 
and nutmeg, this makes our rum as exquisite and rare
 as the Pink Pigeon itself.
The Pink Pigeon can be enjoyed on its own, over ice,
 or as part of a distinctive cocktail …”

The bottle itself is matt black with a white logo design stretching the length of the bottle, with a classic bold font and thick simple traditional ‘emblem’ design. It really stands out within the crowd of competing Rum bottle designs.

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