Sunday, 21 March 2010

Imperial War Museum North

As well as seeing the Don McCullin Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North I also had a wander round the rest of the sectors. Learning about women’s role in wartime and the different uniforms. Also there was a slide show that was projected onto all the walls, which talked us through what it felt like and veterans of the wars spoke about their time and what they went through. It was a very interesting a moving presentation opening my eyes to what must have been an intimidating

 and unnerving period. The exhibition showed old time war clothes and present day, and I must admit the older clothes were so much smarter and dapper compared to the camouflaged uniform of today. But my favourite part of this was a darken room, which was filled with old filing cabernets with information of people from the certain wars, some had memorabilia and old photographs of families, others had makeshift gravestones to commemorate soldiers. This was so touching to see and the art direction of this section was fascinating it was unlike the rest of the area, filling from floor to ceiling with the filing cabernets and light boxes.

I have been to this museum when I was a child, but never really took in what I was looking at. I think I have definitely found a new respect for these wars and all of what I saw was seen through new eyes that day.

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