Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Push Print Talk

Today Push Print from London came to give a talk to the third years.

Push print is a printers that specialises in Litho printing.

The company is 12 strong with 3 partners. The woman who came to give the talk was very and interacted with the group asking us how much we know about print and how the process works. She brought a selection of books, concertina and magazines along to show what Push has designed and to show the quality of their printing.

It was very interesting to see, as I am a total novice when it comes to the print side of things. I always print digitally even though I know that litho is a better process. Some of the magazines and style of print were spectacular and I was shocked to see how some of the designs were made. She also gave details to us how to approach a printers and what information to say and explain about the format.

When emailing the printers, you need to clearly state the date you want the product done, the name and estimated budget, after sending the email ring to check with the printers because this is an important relationship to have.

As well as this, when sending the work to be printed you need to know the format, size, how many colours, stock, weight of paper, finishing, quantity, date to be finished and title.

Aswell as this valuable information she named a few paper stock merchants who she thought to be of significance:J F Smiths, Fenner paper, Fedrigoni, Robert Horne, Independent paper and Dixon & Row.

I learned a lot from this talk and it has opened my eyes to new and different ways to print I think this was a very valuable lecture. As I doubt we would get this much information when we leave education.

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