Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Panic Exhibition opening night 30th March 2010

Panic Opening Night!

Well the Panic exhibition opening night was a tremendous success and all the fear and …well panic I had running up to the event disappeared on the night, I was so anxious for people to be judging my work other than our tutors but it was brilliant and each time some glanced at my work I got a bit excited!

Sandra and Helen did an astounding job last night and setting up the exhibition, it was lovely to see the teachers thought so as well. Last night the turn out was astounding, I know everyone brought family and friends like I did, but when I was meeting and greeting there were people who had heard word of mouth about the event and had turned up also which was great to see.

I hope the rest of the week is just as successful and I am so proud of everyone who presented their work, its all so diverse considering we were all working on the same project. I feel like a proper grown up now, it wasn’t a school/university event it was organised by students for students and it was brilliant to take part in. The space for the exhibition worked famously, and was curated well, I think everyone’s work was shown in its best light, the space itself was a bit sketchy at first but when it was filled with the designs I think its blandness worked and the mirrors everywhere were used to present work on instead of being left.

All week I have been dreading showing my work, as I think I looked at it too much and started to dislike it more and more, but I think this was just an irrational fear as my tutor had not seen any of my work for this project and I was going in a whole new direction with this piece. It is unlike any of my designs from this university year and this is was I feared, I moved out of my comfort zone, but now I see it in the exhibition I am content with my decision.

Here are some photos of us setting up the exhibition, last night in all the excitement I totally forgot to record the night and didn’t take any pictures, I hope other people did.

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