Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Noiselab D&AD Exhibition

A few weeks ago our student rep Helen Butterworth went to the new gallery and studio Noiselab on Market Street Manchester and walking into a presentation to see who would be able to use the Noiselab space form the 30th March to the 4th April, and without any boards or preparation she argued our case to use the gallery, and just a couple of weeks ago found out she had been accepted and so we have our very own exhibition.

So for this exhibition the class has decided to make new work for this exhibit especially so all our work coincides with one another and looks professional. As a year group we started to think of new briefs and existing ones that we could adapt, in the end we decided on one that a fellow student Shauna had thought up. Which is to decried and convey ‘Panic’ in either poster form or moving image. Everyone seems very pleased with this brief as it shows how we are feeling a this stage in our university life (as its near the end) and I feel everyone is up to the challenge to present original work as it will be shown in the public view, not just our portfolios. 

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