Sunday, 21 March 2010

Victoria Baths

For my last project I did a lot of research for numerous stories I was designing images for and one of them was about Victoria Baths. I’ve always been an admirer of the baths and when they won the BBC Restoration programme in 2006 I was over the moon, as I have wanted them to reopen for years. Sadly I wasn’t around (or was too young) before they closed and never got to experience them. But I have visited them and I just think the building itself is wonderful. So much detail and thought went into designing such a magnificent construction. Henry Price was the architect in 1902, and he was appointed as the first City Architect. He became responsible for carrying out this ambitious public building project, which would include 3 swimming pools, 64 wash-baths, Turkish and Russian Baths, clubrooms, boilers and calorifiers and a substantial 4 bedroomed flat for the Superintendent of the Baths and Wash-Houses.

Recently I had a wander round when there was a vintage market on, and I took some photographs to record the day, give me inspiration for my story design and for my own personal satisfaction. Even though It is a bit worse for wear it still is grand and beautiful.

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