Monday, 22 March 2010

Panic work

Panic panic panic

For this panic exhibition coming up next week 30th March 2010 at Noiselab, I have been developing an A1 design piece. The theme is to recreate our version of ‘panic’ in any media, stock and layout. I have opted for an A1 poster, which is daunting to me, as I have never printed at A1 before; my designs have never been so large. My idea for this is created around the phrase ‘Don’t lose your head’, when I think of panic I think of trying to stay calm and in a very British manor, not losing self-control. This doesn’t always happen and sometimes you have got to get your anger, stress, worry out of your system to carry on living. My design is to show someone breaking down with panic and being so overwhelmed everything is distorted and barely legible. I will not blog my work just yet as I want to showcase it at the exhibition, but its coming soon.

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