Monday, 22 March 2010 new advert

So the new advert for LateRooms has now entered the television world. It has been created and designed by their design agency that they use for their website and other adverts: BMB agency.  You can see their work here ( and their work for LateRooms here (

When I heard there was a new campaign coming out from laterooms I wondered what it would be like, as all the other adverts were all very similar, trying to keep to the style of the Lateroom logo. Clinging onto the deep purple and very type based and using a 2D style. So when I saw this new advert I was taken aback, it was very different using a whole new theme and approach to advertising the company. It was revealed on 19thMarch 2010 at 8.45pm on ITV1.

The new adverts theme is all to do with bubbles, it starts off with a bubble falling out of a calendar to instigate the beginning of a holiday. The backdrop is a kitchen but is slightly blurred so you focus on the main idea, this bubble then creates a setting inside. More then appear and have different destinations/hotels inside, this idea is to draw on the fact that LateRooms have more than just hotels they cater for all sorts of stays and have very diverse locations e.g.: coastal, city centre, farm houses, cottages, bnb’s, guest houses, manor houses, hotels… the list goes on. I think their concept for this idea is wonderful and is very dreamlike and a ‘cute’ advert. Although being different to older adverts and campaigns it feels like a LateRooms advert and to me puts the company in a good light and should be respected, I think this design is memorable and fits to the concept , without overpowering the viewer.

Hopefully if you haven’t already seen the advert you will do soon as I’ve seen it at least three times since Friday, or when it comes onto the Youtube radar you may google away.

Heres Laterooms while I’m at it

To connect to this new theme LateRooms have edited the website accordingly and there is a new section that is influenced by this idea and its interactive and is really refreshing to see on a accommodation website.

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