Sunday, 28 March 2010


Ok so in the last week I have done a small project for a Don’t Panic Poster; TV.

Like all Don’t Panic briefs its very simple and just clearly states the word they want you to design around.

So for this design I wanted to base it on the retro 90s television, with low-tech gadgets and cheesy symbols. This is because it was such a simpler time, nowadays I have trouble even turning on a TV never mind changing settings to movie screen or the DVD player. So I want to bring back buttons and knobs, old satellite aerials and analogue TV, colour testing and classic logos.

I didn’t want to create revolutionary design I just want to celebrate the easier times, when there were only 4 channels not 300.

And this is my outcome, which I am really pleased about, it is half digital editing and half collage. I do a lot of collage as you can see from past posts and I want to move away from this slightly so I can branch out into other aspects of design.

The design consists of subtle colours expect for the phrase ‘lovely jubbly’ off Only Fools & Horses: I chose this quote because it optimises the 90s to me and probably the nation. I didn’t want to overpower the image but I wanted the text to stand out so I have double it and used vibrant UV like colours to also connect to the colour test. In the back drop of my design I have used the retro symbols of old weather forecasts and repeated them over to create a pattern which I think Is appropriate and isn’t too vociferous as I have played with the levels. I have used collage and Photoshop to celebrate the simplicity of the 90s television, I think its hands on approach is appropriate for my take on this brief.

I have submitted it to the Don’t Panic competition now and people can vote for their favourite design, so if you fancy voting for me that would be just lovely.

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